Welcome to Adam Nicholas Graybill

Jules and Jessica had their baby 2 weeks early. Welcome to Adam Nicholas Graybill!

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From: Jules and Jessica Graybill
Date: Mar 14, 2007 10:13 AM
Subject: The early bird special

Just a note to introduce the newest addition to our family -- baby Adam -- who made his somewhat surprise arrival on Friday the 9th (two weeks before we were technically set to roll out the red carpet!) The last few weeks have seen big brother Ian happily co-opting all of Adam's things, so there are some sharing issues to now navigate, but otherwise, we are all settling in well and working hard on that whole "this is night vs this is day" thing.

The essentials:

Adam Nicholas Graybill
Born: March 9, 2007 at 10:16am
Weight: 6lbs 12oz
Length: 19 inches

And, of course, every baby needs a web site:

Hoping all is well with all of you and we see you soon!


-- Jessica, Jules, Ian and Adam

Cathy and Russell had a baby!

New Family
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I should have posted this a week ago, but for those of you who don't know it... Cathy and Russell now have a 3rd member of the family... Josephine (aka Josie).

Russell's announcement:

Hi there,

Cathy and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter,
Josephine Quincy Belfer on January 29th.  She arrived about
a week early, weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz.  Everyone is happy and
healthy, and we're all now home recuperating.  Some early
photos are up at

We hope to see you all soon so you can meet little Josie!

-- Russell


I'm at 170 birds!

After a couple of fabulous days in the Reserva Costana Sur I’ve gotten my life list to 170 different birds. Yay!

You can see the birds from Argentina

Highlights include:
  • the monk parakeet which collects twigs in pairs and build colonies out of huge stick nests
  • the always beautiful yellow winged Jackana
  • the hot-red Vermillion Flycatcher
  • the tiny yellow-eye-ringed Pico de Plata

Alex and I are in Buenos Aires

Alex and I have now been in Buenos Aires for over a week. We have another week here and then we’re going to go “somewhere else” in Argentina. We’re loving Buenos Aires, but we really want to go somewhere less urban for the last week. We’re having a heck of a time deciding. No matter where we go, we have to fly.

The best plan we have now is to fly to Iguazu Falls for 3 days to see the tropical birds and the huge falls, and then to go to the very northern end of Patagonia in the Lake Region for the remainder of the time.

If any of you have traveled in Argentina, Alex and I would love recommendations!

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feeding time

I stopped by the aquarium right at feeding time. The otters are cute as ever, but the surprise hit was a human in the giant local fish tank feeding a moray eel with squid. It was really neat to see the Moray eel outside of it’s hole.

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